Billing and financial aid information (2023)

Tallahassee Memorial Fiscal Policy

Tallahassee Memorial HealthCare (TMH) is committed to meeting the health needs of the community. As a non-profit system, TMH offers non-elective services to patients regardless of their financial status or ability to pay. At the same time, TMH relies on patient revenue to reinvest in clinical programs that advance community health. We ask that you cooperate in fulfilling your financial obligations to TMH. However, if you anticipate difficulty paying your hospital bills or if you would like to apply for financial assistance as detailed below, please contact

financial services for patients
1607 St. James Court, Suite 1
Tallahassee, Florida 32308-5352
850-431-6200 or
Toll Free: 800-492-4892 ext. 16200
Monday to Friday
20:30 - 16:00

Before you receive services

Your doctor will contact TMH to arrange services. Once services are scheduled, a patient account representative will review your insurance information and confirm your services. They also ensure that all previous approval requirements have been met. They will provide an estimate tailored to your insurance plan and will contact you to discuss your estimated out-of-pocket expenses. You have the right to request a quote before providing any Services and to receive it within seven (7) business days of your request. In addition, you have the right to receive a revised estimate if your planned services are changed by your doctor. Even if you don't have insurance, you can still request a quote. Please contact a representative at 850-431-5497 if you have any questions about estimates.

cost estimate

You can get a quote for the services to be provided at TMH by clicking on the link below. This estimate is based on facility fees only and does not include fees for your private doctor, anesthetist, pathologist, radiologist, emergency room physician, hospital doctor, or any other private doctor. This is only an estimate. Actual charges for your service will depend on many factors, including additional services provided, complications and unforeseen circumstances. If you are insured, your estimate will be based on your specific insurance benefits. Please have your insurance details ready to complete the estimate. If you are uninsured, your estimate will be based on the uninsured fee for the service rendered.

Get an estimate

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In addition to a cost estimate, you can download a file with standard fees for services provided by TMH. Please use Google Chrome to avoid difficulties in downloading the file.

If you have any questions about your estimate, please contact us atpatientenschä, or at (850) 431-5497.

Valuation in good faith

You have the right to receive a good faith estimate of how much your medical care will cost.

By law, healthcare providers must givePatients who do not have insurance or who do not use insurancean estimate of the invoice for medical items and services.

  • You have the right to obtain a good faith estimate of the total expected cost of any non-urgent item or service. This includes associated costs such as medical tests, prescription drugs, equipment and hospital fees.
  • Ensure that your healthcare provider provides you with a good faith written estimate at least 1 business day prior to your medical service or item. You may also ask your healthcare provider and any other provider of your choice for a good faith estimate before booking any item or service.
  • If you receive an invoice that is at least $400 more than your good faith estimate, you may dispute the invoice.
  • Be sure to keep a good faith copy or picture of your appraisal.

For questions or more information about your right to a good faith appraisal, please visitCMS.GOV/NOSURPRISESor call 1-800-985-3059.

service packages

For information about service packages, Benefit packages are non-personalized estimates of the costs that hospital services may incur and include all components of care, such as: B. Doctor, additional and hospital payments. Actual costs are based on actual services provided and may be higher or lower than estimates on FloridaHealthPriceFinder.

In addition, you should contact the healthcare providers who are expected to provide services while you're in the hospital to get an estimate of their costs, inquire about their billing practices, and determine if they participate in your healthcare plan.

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The information in the files below is current at the time of publication and is updated annually in January. For the most accurate estimate of your financial responsibility for the services provided by TMH, please contact us directly at 850-431-5497. We can provide a customized estimate based on your specific insurance plan and the services to be provided.

List of standard tariffs for services
Average rate after procedure

What happens after I receive services from TMH?

Once you receive services, your account will be credited with fees based on the services you have received. These fees are based on amounts generally billed to private insurance carriers as well as government payers such as Medicare. Diagnostic codes are then entered that represent the care provided. If you provided insurance information at the time of service, a claim will be filed with your insurance company. Once your insurance company has processed the application, you will receive a statement of the patient balance due. If you have questions after receiving your statement, please contact Patient Financial Services. If you are unable to pay the full amount, a payment plan can be made. If you are unable to make a payment, you may be eligible for financial assistance as described below.

What types of insurance does TMH accept?

Tallahassee Memorial Hospital generally accepts any type of insurance (see below for a list of accepted providers). If TMH is a participating provider, your insurance company will receive a rebate based on their contract with TMH. Any amount stated as patient responsibility will be billed to you after payment of insurance. If TMH does not have a contract with your insurance company, you are responsible for any amounts not paid by your plan. In addition, you can get services from independent providers such as radiologists, pathologists, etc. In these cases you will receive a separate invoice from these providers. You should contact your insurance company to determine if the independent providers are in your network. Remember that your plan is a contract between you and your insurance company. We will endeavor to bill your insurance and work with your insurance company, but ultimately you are responsible for your bill with TMH.

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Doctors who are affiliated with the TMH and can bill separately are listed in ourdoctor directory.

Please note that hospitals may not be included in all Healthcare Plan product offerings. Please check with your insurance company for more information.

In addition to commercial insurance plans, TMH participates in Medicare, Medicaid, Tricare and other government-sponsored programs. Regardless of the type of coverage, please ensure that you provide an insurance card upon enrollment in order to submit a claim to your plan. Failure to notify us of your insurance at the time of service provision may result in penalties for late notification. It is your responsibility to ensure that we have accurate and up-to-date insurance information. If you need to provide insurance information after the service, please contact Patient Financial Services.

Private insurance plans accepted

Please see the list below of private insurance plans accepted at Tallahassee Memorial HealthCare. If your insurance plan is not listed, please call us at 850-431-6200 to see if we accept your plan.

Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Florida
Capital Health Plan
Cenpatico behavioral health
Vocational care (Humana)
Cigna Healthcare aus Florida
Cigna behavioral health
Community Health Solutions of America (CHS)
Coventry Health (First Health)
Florida Medicaid
Georgia Medicaid
Humana Military (Tricare)
Humana Veterans Healthcare
Lighthouse Health Plan
Magellanic Behavioral Health
New Directions Behavioral Health
Prestige Health Choice
private health systems
Simply health plans
United behavioral health
United HealthCare von Florida
value options
WellCare Health Plans

What if I don't have insurance?

Tallahassee Memorial Hospital provides medically necessary services to patients regardless of their ability to pay. If you don't have insurance, you may receive a discount that will be reflected on your first statement. You may also be eligible for financial assistance. Eventually, you may qualify for a government-sponsored program like Medicaid. We have representatives to help you manage your hospital bill. If you have any questions, please contact Patient Financial Services.

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Financial assistance program sponsored by the hospital

The Hospital Sponsored Financial Assistance Program (FAP) is available to uninsured and underinsured patients. The FAP is a free care and graduated discount program based on the patient's family income and household size. Uninsured and underinsured patients with a family income of 150% or less of the Federal Poverty Guidelines (FPG) or whose total liability exceeds 25% of annual family income are eligible for 100% charity. Uninsured and underinsured patients with family income between 151-400% of the FPG are eligible for reduced coverage determined by household income and family size. Uninsured and underinsured patients with family income greater than 400% of the FPG may be eligible for reduced treatment.

Financial Assistance Program Requirements

  • The patient does not have to be a US citizen
  • The patient need not be a Florida resident
  • The patient is not eligible for Medicaid
  • Medicare patients are only eligible if they are 100% eligible for charity based on income/household size
  • FAP applies to all patients regardless of age, gender, race, ethnicity, creed or national origin
  • There is no time limit for applying for FAP, including accounts in collections
  • FAP includes all medically necessary services that cannot be chosen
  • The liquid and non-liquid assets of the patient (excluding their own home, pension plan and car) are taken into account as possible sources of payment when the financial aid is finally determined.

Application Process for the Financial Assistance Program

  • The application for assistance with hospital costs serves as the application form for the procedure.
  • A certified signature is required on the application (the patient, the guarantor or the legal representative).
  • An FAP application can be used to cover services rendered 12 months after the FAP approval date.
  • All FAP applications and records are scanned and retained for a minimum of 3 years.

Forms and Policies

  • Application for assistance towards hospital costs
  • Application for assistance with hospital expenses Spanish
  • Summary of the Financial Assistance Policy in plain language
  • Financial Assistance Policy Summary in Plain Language - Spanish
  • Financial Assistance and Emergency Medical Care Policy
  • Financial Assistance and Emergency Medical Care Policy - Spanish
  • Your rights and protection from unexpected medical bills
  • Declaration of Residence
  • Homeless affidavit

Services not covered

  • Cosmetic surgery
  • Non-medically necessary benefits without extenuating circumstances

For more information

Please contact Customer Service to request a copy of the Financial Assistance Policy or if you have any questions about the TMH Financial Assistance Program. Normal business hours are 8:30am to 4:00pm Monday to Friday.

financial services for patients
850-431-6200 or
800-492-4892, extension 16200

mailing address
TMH Customer Service Department
1607 St. James Court, Suite 1
Tallahassee, Florida 32308-5352

What happens if I don't pay my bill?

Your hospital bill is due at the time of the service. However, if you have insurance, we will request payment from your plan before we bill you for any patient credit. Whether you are insured or not, payment is expected as soon as you receive the bank statements. If you are unable to pay in full, a payment plan may be available. If you are unable to make a payment, you may be eligible for financial assistance as described above. If no payments are received or a payment plan has not been established, you will receive account statements from TMH before your account is forwarded to an outside agency who will send additional attempted collection letters. If payment arrangements are not made after these attempts, your account will be placed with an outside agency for active debt collection. You will receive a notification from the agency immediately after placement. You will be given the opportunity to make arrangements for the payment of the account. You can apply for financial assistance at any time during this process. After thirty (30) days from submission to the collection agency, the account may be reported as an overdue item on your credit file.


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