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It is important to complete the NCLEX, which is a required step before pursuing license as a registered nurse. It can be challenging even for graduates from the best nursing schools.

The NCLEX is a knowledge test that has been acquired over years of study. Students who do not have a clearly defined plan for preparing for the test may find it difficult to answer questions correctly.


The NCLEX-RN, or National Council Licensure Examination-Registered Nurse, is a computerized exam required for registered nurses to obtain a license. The exam is administered by Pearson VUE, a secure and internationally recognized exam company.

The test is designed to assess an individual's ability to function in a clinical setting and to determine a candidate's ability to apply nursing theory and practice in a clinical setting. You do this by asking a series of questions of varying difficulty, and then letting each answer determine how difficult the next one will be.

The NCLEX-RN exam usually consists of 75 to 265 questions, depending on the age group. The NCLEX-PN exam, also known as the National Council Licensure Examination for Practical Nurses, is a similar test that consists of a minimum of questions and a maximum of 205.

Both exams are computer-based. They use computer adaptive testing (CAT) software that adapts the questions to a candidate's answers. This program is able to assess a person's nursing skills better than traditional tests.

Although the CAT system has its advantages, it has some disadvantages. First of all, it is not a true assessment of a person's nursing skills and expertise.

A second problem is that the CAT can sometimes create a false sense of achievement in those who succeed by correctly answering "easy" questions and later trying to guess a handful of more difficult questions. Ultimately, such a format is not fair to the person administering the test or the patients they will be working with.

The NCLEX-RN is a challenging test and candidates must be willing to put in the work required to pass it. For this reason, many students sign up for exam preparation courses or workbooks to familiarize themselves with the exam content and the structure of the questions.

For a true NCLEX RN certification, applicants should check with their state licensing authority for the necessary details. They can then log in to Pearson VUE for the test using their program code and email address. After the board has determined that they are eligible to sit the exam, it is possible to pay $200 to sit the exam and receive their Authorization to Test (ATT) from Pearson VUE via email.


You must pass the NCLEX PN if you are studying to become a Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) (LVN) or Licensed Occupational Nursing (LVN). This test is required for licensing in most US states and will simplify the process of becoming an LPN.

The NCLEX-PN is a multiple-choice exam that tests your professional knowledge and patient care skills. It is an important stage in getting your nursing license and getting that first position.

The best way to prepare for the exam is to take practice tests and focus on areas where you are weakest. It is also recommended to periodically take breaks from studies and spend time in other activities to stay healthy and focused.

Unlike other tests, the NCLEX-PN does not test for fact or memory, it is an analytical and critical thinking exam. The test tests your nursing competence in areas such as coordination of the nursing process, safety and control, pharmacological and parenting treatments, pediatrics, gerontology, and adult medical and surgical nursing.

Eight categories as well as subcategories of the NCLEX-PN, so it's important to recognize the strengths as wellweaknessesto study for the exam. This will help you create an effective study plan that addresses your specific needs.

The NCLEX-PN test has a five-hour duration, which means you must maintain a steady pace for yourself. When you are trying to answer too many questions at once and you are unable to answer each one within the time frame.

You will be given a two-minute lesson and breaks during the test. Stay hydrated and eat a nutritious meal before and after the exam to ensure you have enough energy for the exam.

Additionally, NCLEX-PN is a computer-adaptive testing (CAT) approach that changes the difficulty of each question as you try to answer it. If you answer a certain number of questions correctly, the CAT will stop handing out questions at that point. This is known as the 95% confidence interval rule.


If you are a newly licensed nurse, passing the NCLEX test is vital to your career. The National Council of State Boards of Nursing (NCSBN) developed this test to ensure nurses have the knowledge and skills needed to practice safely and effectively.

However, many new nurses have difficulty passing the NCLEX test on their own. Some students may find it difficult to understand the test's intricate subject matter or study enough to pass the exam. This is where an NCLEXCE prep course can help.

These courses will prepare you for the NCLEX and give you the confidence to pass the test on the first try. They can be purchased online and contain more than 1,500 NCLEX-style questions, several simulated CAT tests, and a printable study guide. Some of these programs also include an NCLEX-RN Content Review Guide, a decision tree approach to exam administration, and live tutoring support.

The best prep courses are available for different budgets. All of them have a money back guarantee if you fail the NCLEX according to their products. The most well-known brands are Kaplan, UWorld and ArcherReview.

Kaplan's NCLEX prep course is available as an online, self-paced option or in an intensive, live classroom format. It includes lectures by nurses, over 2100 Qbank questions, three full-length CATs replicating the NCLEX, and an NCLEX-RN Content Review Guide.

Princeton Review is another excellent NCLEX prep course that combines strategy and practice to prepare you for the test. They offer 90-day as well as 365-day access options in addition to various NCLEX New Generation QBank preparation packages.

They're a solid choice, with a 4.6-star rating on Trustpilot and thousands of happy users. Their NCLEX prep courses have had numerous positive reviews and students have stated that they are very effective and very good value for money.

Another well-known NCLEX prep program is Hurst Review. The most basic of their packs includes over 1,500 NCLEX-style questions, a workbook, and key content. Their most intensive preparatory programs include weekly classes and tutoring sessions. They have the highest first try success rate and offer aRefund warranty.


When you are ready to receive official nursing certification, you must pass the NCLEX. The test measures your ability to think critically, make decisions, and develop your clinical judgment. It also reflects the level of education and skills you acquired during your nursing education.

While the exam does not test your understanding of all of the concepts you have learned, it is an important way to assess your ability to practice nursing. There are a variety of NCLEX review classes to help master all of the concepts required to pass the test.

For example, Nurse Plus Academy has many sample NCLEX questions and unlimited retakes with their NCLEX test simulator. The platform even allows you to change your teaching tools, e.g. B. Hide or show hints, as well as listen to the audio version.

Another great resource for NCLEX training is NurseAchieve. It offers self-paced NCLEX courses with 130 chapters of thorough revision. These interactive refresher courses are much less time consuming than textbooks and cover essential areas efficiently. Their adaptive mock testing technology allows you to recreate the NCLEX exam experience and receive full reports of your performance after each attempt.

The NCSBN has updated the NCLEX exam over time to reflect the changing needs of nurses and their patients. For example, The Next Generation NCLEX will include more questions based on clinical judgment. This helps caregivers determine the most appropriate course of care to ensure patient safety and outcomes.

It's a great option because poor clinical judgment can contribute to medical errors, which are the third leading cause of death in the United States. A study by Johns Hopkins Medicine found that medical errors account for 250,000 deaths each year.

ABuy nclex licenseTest is an excellent way to test your skills as a nurse and determine if you are ready to become a Registered Nurse or Registered Practical Nurse. However, it is very stressful and overwhelming.

If you're having trouble preparing for the NCLEX, speak to your teacher or study group member to see if they have any advice. If you suspect you're doing some of the wrong things while preparing for the test, talk to an NCLEX prep teacher or NCLEX tutor to learn what you need to work on to improve your study methods.


Can I become a nurse by just passing NCLEX? ›

To become an RN, one must pass the NCLEX-RN. As mentioned, prospective candidates can sit for this exam with either an ADN or BSN. To become a practical or vocational nurse, nursing school or an undergraduate degree is not required.

How many correct answers do you need to pass NCLEX? ›

A test-taker must have answered the minimum number of required test questions to be eligible to pass. For examinees taking the NCLEX-RN, at least 75 questions must be answered. A minimum of 85 questions must be completed on the NCLEX-PN exam.

Can I take the NCLEX-RN exam without school? ›

All applicants must have completed an educational program meeting all California requirements. If you are lacking any educational requirements, you must successfully complete an approved course prior to taking the examination.

Can you pass the NCLEX with just UWorld? ›

For many students, UWorld is enough for them to pass the NCLEX. With an almost 100% pass rate, it's pretty clear that students successfully use the UWorld NCLEX prep to prepare them for the National Council Licensure Examination.

How many times can you fail the RN NCLEX? ›

If they fail, they'll need to wait 45 days before retesting. After failing three times, though, they'll need to complete a board-approved remediation program before the next retake. test-takers have six attempts to pass in total.

How long does it take to get your RN after passing NCLEX? ›

4. How Long Does It Take After Passing NCLEX-RN to Receive My License Number? The amount of time it takes after passing NCLEX-RN to receive your license number varies. While the NCSBN states it could take up to six weeks to find out if you passed or failed the NCLEX, most candidates know sooner.

How many of the 75 questions do you have to get right to pass the NCLEX? ›

You must get at least 75 questions correct, or achieve a 95% confidence level, to pass the NCLEX.

What does it mean if you get all 145 questions on NCLEX? ›

Does 145 questions on NCLEX mean you failed? No, if you answer all 145 questions on the NCLEX, that does not mean you fail. In fact, if you answered 145 questions and each question was progressively more challenging, then that is a good sign that you passed.

Can you get 75 questions on the NCLEX and still fail? ›

While it is certainly possible to fail the NCLEX-RN or NCLEX-PN evaluation in only 75 questions, this rarely happens because most nursing students are far more prepared than they believe they are.

What disqualifies you from taking the NCLEX? ›

Immediate disqualifiers are as follows: Major misdemeanor conviction for crimes involving weapons, violence, embezzlement, dishonesty, misappropriation, fraud or sex crimes. Any felony conviction. More than one drunk driving or related conviction in the past three years.

Can you pass NCLEX without math? ›

Yes, it's possible to pass the NCLEX without getting any math questions.

Can I take the NCLEX at home? ›

You can not take the NCLEX at your home. The NCLEX is administered by Pearson VUE and can only be taken at Pearson Vue testing centers.

What happens if you get all the questions on the NCLEX? ›

Maximum-length Exam Rule

If you end up answering the full 145 questions, that indicates that you're close to the passing standard, and the computer will keep giving you questions until you've reached the full number of possible questions.

Can you still pass NCLEX if you get all questions? ›

Yes, you can pass the NCLEX-RN by answering only 75 questions. Keep in mind, the number of questions you answer may be a sign you passed, but it is not a definite sign. If your questions got progressively more challenging until the test stopped, this is one of the good signs you passed NCLEX in 2023.

Which is harder NCLEX or UWorld? ›

90% of users report that UWorld's questions are the same level of difficulty or more difficult than the questions they encountered on the NCLEX. Why do we make our questions so difficult? Because we believe that practicing with anything less is not the best use of your time and energy.

What happens if you never pass NCLEX? ›

NCLEX-RN candidates can fail the NCLEX and retest up to eight times each year in most states. Some states limit the number of times a candidate may retest before a refresher course is required. If you failed the NCLEX, it is best to contact your state Board of Nursing to verify guidelines for repeat testing.

How many nurses pass NCLEX on first try? ›

The National Council of State Boards of Nursing (NCSBN) reports 13.43% of NCLEX-RN candidates fail the exam on their first attempt. The number of unsuccessful test-takers is low compared to the more than 86% who pass the exam on their first try.

Which state has the highest NCLEX pass rate? ›

Top 5 States With the Highest NCLEX Pass Rates Over Five Years
  1. New Hampshire. NCLEX Pass Rate Average (2017-2021): 94.58% ...
  2. Louisiana. NCLEX Pass Rate Average (2017-2021): 92.74% ...
  3. North Dakota. NCLEX Pass Rate Average (2017-2021): 92.36% ...
  4. Nevada. NCLEX Pass Rate Average (2017-2021): 91.36% ...
  5. North Carolina.
Apr 25, 2023

How do I know if I passed NCLEX? ›

Unfortunately, the only way to know for sure if you have passed the NCLEX is to wait for your official results. Although it does not always happen, the Pearson Vue trick can give you a good pop-up even if you failed the NCLEX exam.

Can you get NCLEX results in 24 hours? ›

The NCLEX Quick Results are computer generated and available approximately forty-eight hours business hours after testing. Although results are not generated on non-business days, you may access them on any day after the first two business days.

How many times can you take NCLEX for RN? ›

Frequently Asked Questions About the NCLEX

According to NCSBN rules, you can take the NCLEX eight times a year with 45 days in between attempts.

What are considered hard questions on NCLEX? ›

Each category of questions requires an increasing level of critical thinking skills. Analysis, synthesis and evaluation questions would be considered higher-level NCLEX questions. Synthesis questions are based on creating or proposing solutions, such as a plan of care.

What are the minimum number of questions on the NCLEX exam? ›

How many questions are on the NCLEX? A test-taker will see a minimum of 60 questions and a maximum of 145 questions on the NCLEX-RN and PN. Each of the tests will also include 15 experimental questions that do not count in scoring.

How do I pass NCLEX for the first time? ›

How to Pass the NCLEX: 11 Study Tips to Pass the First Time
  1. Understand the NCLEX Format. ...
  2. Don't Self-Evaluate During the Test. ...
  3. Find Ways to Manage Your Test Stress. ...
  4. Know Your NLCEX Study Style. ...
  5. Make a Study Plan. ...
  6. Don't Draw from Past Clinical or Work Experiences. ...
  7. Hone Your Test-Taking Skills. ...
  8. Invest in Test Prep Resources.
Feb 24, 2023

What are the changes to the NCLEX exam 2023? ›

The Next Gen NCLEX will also have a new scoring method. Currently, the NCLEX items are scored as either all incorrect or all correct. Using a scoring model that accounts for multiple answers will allow for partial credit. It will go into effect in April 2023.

How many tries at the NCLEX do you get? ›

Though the vast majority of candidates pass the exam the first time, those who fail are permitted to retake it after 45 days from their original test date. Candidates may retest as many as 8 times in a year. Candidates must pass NCLEX within three years from when they graduated nursing school.

Why did my NCLEX stopped at 75? ›

For the NCLEX- RN to shut off at 75 means you either did very well or very bad. It only fails an tester at 75 if they are unable to correctly answer more than a few questions in a row.

Can you pass NCLEX with near passing standard? ›

The maximum-length rule: If your performance is too close to the passing standard, you'll have to answer the maximum amount of questions–which is currently 145 questions on the NCLEX. The run-out-of-time rule: The computer can't determine pass or fail if you don't answer the minimum amount of questions.

What are the three pass fail rules for NCLEX? ›

There are three pass/fail rules for the NCLEX examinations: the Run-Out-Of-Time rule, the Maximum-Length Exam Rule and the 95-Percent Confidence Interval Rule.

What stops you from being a nurse? ›

Gaining Admission to Nursing School

Felony conviction. Registered sex offender. Drunk driving convictions (more than one) in the last three years. Major misdemeanor convictions for any crime that incudes violence, dishonesty, fraud, weapons, embezzlement or sex crimes.

Who determines if you pass the NCLEX? ›

The passing standards for the NCLEX-RN and NCLEX-PN reflect the amount of nursing ability currently required to practice competently at the entry level. Because nursing practice changes over time, the NCSBN Board of Directors reevaluates the passing standards every three years when the test plans are reviewed.

How many questions can you get wrong on the NCLEX? ›

Failing the test can result in not answering the minimum amount of 70 questions within the allotted time. You can answer the first 69 questions correctly, but you will automatically fail the exam if you don't reach number 70.

Has anyone taken the NCLEX without studying? ›

It's possible to pass the NCLEX without studying, but It's unlikely. To pass without studying would require you to be either naturally smart or having done a good job studying and retaining information learned in nursing school. Most students will not pass the NCLEX if they don't study for it.

Is NCLEX easier than nursing school exams? ›

Unlike nursing school exams, which test for knowledge, the NCLEX tests your ability to apply and analyze situations using the nursing knowledge you gained in school. Logic and critical thinking, rather than rote memorization, are emphasized in this test—making it much more difficult and comprehensive.

What state is the easiest to take NCLEX? ›

There is no “easy” state to take the NCLEX. The NCLEX is a national exam administered by the National Council of State Boards of Nursing (NCSBN). Because it's national, the NCLEX will be the same regardless of what state you choose to take it in. Check out the comprehensive NCLEX prep review that I recommend.

What kind of RN makes the most money? ›

The Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist consistently ranks as the highest-paid nursing career. That is because Nurse Anesthetists are highly skilled Registered Nurses who work closely with medical staff during medical procedures that require anesthesia.

How many questions is the NCLEX 2023? ›

The last three types of alternate format questions are variations of the traditional multiple-choice style. The minimum number of questions in the NCLEX exam is 75, with 15 questions that are experimental and 60 questions that are the real-scored ones. The maximum number of questions is 265 (2).

What is the passing score for the NCLEX? ›

A candidate that asks, how many questions do you need to pass NCLEX, will not receive a definite answer. Candidates must answer at least 75 questions in the five available hours or fail the test. The maximum number of questions in both exams is 145. Therefore, test-takers typically answer between 75 and 145.

Does everyone have the same NCLEX questions? ›

Unlike your math exams where everyone had to answer the same questions, the NCLEX is dynamic. It's a test that watches you, reacts to you, and tailors itself to you, which means it's very unlikely any two test takers will have the same NCLEX experience.

What happens if you don't pass NCLEX within 3 years? ›

If you have not passed the NCLEX by the three-year anniversary of your graduation, you will have to attend a nursing education program before you may take the exam again.

What is the hardest part of the NCLEX? ›

Let's look at the 16 most common challenges NCLEX candidates face and ways you can overcome them.
  1. Second-Guessing Your Abilities. ...
  2. Changing Answers Repeatedly. ...
  3. Reading Questions Too Fast. ...
  4. Cramming Before the Test. ...
  5. Not Using the Right Study Tools. ...
  6. Not Getting Enough Rest Before the Test. ...
  7. Reading Too Much into a Question.

How many questions a day should I do on UWorld? ›

If you're making/doing excellent Anki cards, you might top out at doing 80-120 questions/day. However, while you will find people who (productively) do more than 120 UWorld questions in a day, they are often not doing Anki.

Is NCLEX easier than nursing school? ›

Unlike nursing school exams, which test for knowledge, the NCLEX tests your ability to apply and analyze situations using the nursing knowledge you gained in school. Logic and critical thinking, rather than rote memorization, are emphasized in this test—making it much more difficult and comprehensive.

Can you work as a nurse before passing NCLEX? ›

Yes! 6mo prior I think, and job was offered and wanted for me to pass it before starting but the job was already offered. Do it as early as possible. Some hospitals will let you work as student nurse while you pass.

Do you take the NCLEX as an RN? ›

Every nurse who graduates from an ADN or BSN program must pass the NCLEX-RN to earn licensure and legally practice nursing in the United States. Also, every practical or vocational nurse who graduates from an LPN or LVN program must pass the NCLEX-PN to earn licensure and practice legally in the U.S.

What state is the hardest to take NCLEX? ›

None. There is no “easy” state to take the NCLEX. The NCLEX is a national exam administered by the National Council of State Boards of Nursing (NCSBN). Because it's national, the NCLEX will be the same regardless of what state you choose to take it in.

How many times can you take the NCLEX? ›

Frequently Asked Questions About the NCLEX

According to NCSBN rules, you can take the NCLEX eight times a year with 45 days in between attempts.

Can you take the NCLEX at home? ›

You can not take the NCLEX at your home. The NCLEX is administered by Pearson VUE and can only be taken at Pearson Vue testing centers.

How many questions is NCLEX? ›

How many questions are on the NCLEX? A test-taker will see a minimum of 60 questions and a maximum of 145 questions on the NCLEX-RN and PN. Each of the tests will also include 15 experimental questions that do not count in scoring.

What is the difference between NCLEX and NCLEX-RN? ›

There are two versions of the NCLEX that are called the NCLEX-RN and the NCLEX-PN. The NCLEX-RN is for registered nurses and NCLEX-PN is for licensed practical nurses or licensed vocational nurses. Let's look closer at each test and how to prepare for this final part of your journey.


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