Oticon hearing aid review: 2023 cost and price (2023)

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Founded over 100 years ago, Oticon introduces life-changing hearing aid technology aimed at empowering people with hearing loss. Especially impressive is Oticon's BrainHearing technology, which uses the way the brain processes sound to provide an exceptional listening experience. All of your hearing aids are equipped with this technology for clear sound quality and speech understanding.

In addition, Oticon recently announced new additions and improvements to its Oticon CROS hearing aid line, providing an immersive sound experience using dual-stream technology for individuals withone-sided deafness.

They currently offer the Oticon CROS PX, which is a new rechargeable transmitter, and the Oticon CROS, which helps the brain's understanding of sound. Let's take a look at Oticon hearing aids and why they might be the right choice for you.

Pro tip:If you're looking to buy or try a new pair of hearing aids, be sure to read my guide to this year's hearing aids.best hearing aids.

Oticon hearing aid review: 2023 cost and price (4)

Pros and cons of Oticon hearing aids

Oticon Pros
  • Wide variety of styles and models: Oticon has many options for those suffering from mild to severe and profound hearing loss, including models specifically designed for single-sided deafness.
  • Devices for any type of hearing loss: Oticon has a model to suit any level of hearing loss, from mild to severe.
  • Brain Hearing: Oticon hearing aids are equipped with BrainHearing technology, which allows the brain to receive all the information it needs to process sounds and situations effectively.
  • mobile application: A variety of Oticon models are compatible with the Oticon ON app for iPhone. Features in this app include a wireless connection to the television, a variety of alerts for daily activities (such as setting a home security alarm when the hearing aid is turned off), and online monitoring of hearing aid usage through HearingFitness.
  • Connects to other devices: With Oticon's new advanced Oticon More hearing aid, you can stream TV, music and phone calls directly from your device. You can also wirelessly connect to other devices.

Oticon Cons
  • Not available for direct purchase: Because Oticon does not sell directly to consumers, interested individuals cannot complete orders online as they can with other major hearing aid companies. To buy Oticon hearing aids, you must go through a hearing specialist.
  • Cost information is hard to find: As Oticon does not sell directly to consumers, there is no easily accessible information on its website about specific costs for its models. Prices vary depending on the hearing specialist you choose.
  • Limited Android compatibility: Oticon's newest model, Oticon More, is only compatible with iPhones, so Android users might want to look elsewhere.

Did you know:Did you know that all Oticon devices have built-in BrainHearing technology that supports how your brain processes and understands sound?

Oticon hearing aid models

I have listed some of my favorite Oticon hearing aid models below for your perusal. Its latest hearing aid model is the Oticon More, followed by the OticonEdu Mic, which can be used by teachers and other paraprofessionals in the classroom.

Oticon More

Oticon More is Oticon's newest and most technologically advanced model, and works for hearing impairments of all levels. With Bluetooth connectivity to a wide range of devices, the Oticon More is a behind-the-ear (BTE) hearing aid that uses rechargeable batteries and is compatible with Oticon's mobile app, Oticon ON, for a variety of programming functions.

This model is the only one from Oticon equipped with Deep Neural Network technology. It also features tinnitus masking. The caveat with this device is that it is slightly larger than the previous model. I noticed that it was uncomfortable to wear with glasses. Also, this hearing aid is not compatible with Android phones.

FOR YOUR INFORMATION:Check out the latest new model from Oticon More,Style MiniRite T, which comes with a telecoil and disposable batteries.

Oticon EduMic

This new low-profile model provides an enhanced sound and learning experience for students in the classroom. Teachers can use Oticon's new wireless remote microphone system to help children with hearing loss at the touch of a single button. These pediatric hearing aids consist of built-in OpenSound Navigator, which helps learners to have a better 360-degree listening experience. In addition, the device's 2.4GHz technology can connect to as many hearing aids as possible, and teachers can use it as a lanyard or clip.

Oticon Opn S

Oticon Opn S models are aimed at people with mild to severe hearing loss. Like the Oticon More, Opn S models come with the ability to track and program functions via Oticon ON. Bluetooth-enabled, this series also includes Oticon's OpenSound Optimizer, which eliminates the annoying hiss that can sometimes occur with hearing aids.

FOR YOUR INFORMATION:Oticon isn't the only brand to offer tinnitus solutions. To learn more, read my guide tohearing aids for tinnitus.

Oticon Xceed

Advertised on the Oticon website as the most powerful hearing aid in the world, Oticon's Xceed models work for individuals with severe to profound hearing loss. Like the Opn S series, the Xceed comes with OpenSound Optimizer and is Bluetooth compatible.

Did you know:If you have more advanced hearing loss, you may want to look for ahearing aid for severe hearing loss.

Oticon Ruby

The Oticon Ruby is advertised asmade to move, as it improves speech understanding and helps you enjoy every moment with freedom. For those with mild to severe hearing loss, the Ruby has rechargeable batteries and easy connectivity with long-lasting battery life. This model is Bluetooth enabled and is also compatible with Oticon's mobile app. Currently, the Oticon Ruby comes in five behind-the-ear styles and colors to choose from.

Oticon CROS

Currently, unilateral hearing loss affects between 12 and 27 individuals in every 100,000 people,according to recent studies. Oticon CROS is a combination transmitter and hearing aid that helps individuals with single-sided hearing loss. Using technology to balance sound and make listening easier, CROS is Bluetooth compatible. It also includes OpenSound Optimizer and comes with Oticon's TwinLink dual transmission technology. You can choose between the Oticon CROS PX model or the original Oticon CROS.

Oticon Hearing Aid Comparison

Oticon MoreOticon Opn SOticon XceedOticon RubyOticon CROSOticon Open ITEOticon Siya ITE
CostUS$ 2.900 – US$ 3.900$ 2.000 - $ 3.700US$ 2.900 – US$ 3.500US$ 1.700 – US$ 2.100from $825n / Dn / D
Stylebehind the earReceiver in the canal or behind the earBehind the earbehind the earbehind the earintra-auricularintra-auricular
bluetooth connectivitySimSimSimSimSimSimSim
Battery TyperechargeablerechargeablerechargeablerechargeablerechargeablerechargeableSim
Level of Hearing LossAllleve a gravedeep recordleve a graveunilateral hearing lossMild to severe hearing lossMild to severe hearing loss
mobile applicationOticon ONOticon ONOticon ONOticon ONN / Dn / DOticon ON app
Unique featuresDeep Neural Network (DNN), Tinnitus SoundSupport, compatível com ConnectClip (custo extra)OpenSound Optimizer, ConnectClip compatible (extra cost)OpenSound OptimizerN / DOpenSound Navigator, tecnologia TwinLink360 degree sound quality
tinnitus relief
Connect to your smartphone
One technology BrainHearing
Uses 2.4GHz Bluetooth low energy technology
Five custom in-ear styles and colors

FOR YOUR INFORMATION:Studies show that the cost of hearing aids is often a deciding factor for the elderly, which often leads to individuals who need hearing assistance going without. there are severalaffordable hearing aidsto explore.

How to buy Oticon hearing aids

As Oticon does not offer direct-to-consumer sales, the only way to purchase your hearing aids is to consult a doctor. If you don't have an audiologist, the Oticon website has some helpful resources that can refer you to a hearing care professional in your area. After meeting with one of these specialists, they will be able to guide you through the process of buying Oticon hearing aids in their office.

Pro tip:If you want to buy hearing aids without consulting a professional, read my guide toover-the-counter hearing aids.

Oticon hearing aid accessories

  • ConnectClip: This accessory attaches to your clothing to turn your hearing aids into a wireless headset. With the ConnectClip, you can make Bluetooth phone calls, stream music, chat with someone online and hear someone talking from a distance with the special microphone. ConnectClip also allows you to access and program features on your hearing aids, such as volume.
  • Tinnitus Sound Support: Select Oticon hearing aid models support Tinnitus SoundSupport, a feature that plays a wide range of sounds to alleviate problems associated with tinnitus. For supported models, this feature can be accessed via the Oticon ON app.

Pro tip:If you are looking for other brands that offer tinnitus relief, you might want to look into Phonak, Widex and Signia. Read my article,Best hearing aids for tinnitus.

  • If this then that network: Available on select models via the Oticon ON app, the If This Then That (IFTTT) network allows you to control certain aspects of your environment regarding whether your hearing aids are on or off. This includes turning the lights on when your hearing aids are turned on or setting a security alarm when your hearing aids are turned off.
  • Phone Adapter 2.0: This is the latest version of Oticon's phone adapter, which now matches the ConnectClip accessory. Using your home landline phone, your hearing aids will essentially become a wireless headset and can act as a microphone. This device can support incoming and outgoing phone calls.

Did you know:Did you know that you can tryOticon More risk-free? Simply fill out a form, make an appointment to start your risk-free trial, and get a $50 gift card to register your device and provide feedback.

Oticon app

The Oticon app for cell phones is called Oticon ON and is available on the App Store for iPhone or Google Play for Android. With Oticon ON, you can adjust the volume and programming of your hearing aids, as well as stream from your phone to your hearing aids. Oticon ON also has an additional “find my hearing aids” feature that allows you to locate your hearing aids from your phone if you misplace them.

Please note, however, that Oticon More is not compatible with Android phones.

Pro tip:Want to compare hearing aid brands? Check out my article,Lexie hearing aids review.

Oticon Returns and Warranties

As Oticon does not deal directly with consumers, it does not deal with individual returns or warranty issues. Warranty requirements and coverage vary depending on the supplier you choose when purchasing your Oticon hearing aids.

Final considerations

With their wide range of devices that can suit virtually any type of hearing loss, Oticon is definitely a great company to consider when shopping for hearing aids.

To learn more about other hearing aid brands and the various ways to pay for them, check out some of my hearing aid guides:

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  • Does insurance cover hearing aids?
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  • How do hearing aids work?

Frequently asked questions about Oticon

  • Is Oticon More the best hearing aid?

    As far as Bluetooth hearing aids go, the Oticon More is one of the highest quality options. With that said, if you prefer traditional battery packs or want Android compatibility, consider an option from Phonak.

  • Is Oticon a good hearing aid?

    Oticon offers high quality medical hearing aids; however, this pedigree comes at a higher cost than some other brands.

  • How much is custa or Oticon OPN?

    Because Oticon hearing aids are customizable, Oticon OPN costs vary depending on your type of hearing loss and where you purchased them.

  • Is Oticon launching a new hearing aid?

    While Oticon likely has something in the works, Oticon's newest model as of 2021 is the Oticon More, which is designed to function as your brain.


What is the price of Oticon hearing aid in Amazon? ›

Compare with similar items
This item Oticon Ria 2 Power BTE-Behind...AUDITECH ' Silver ' With 6 Mad...
Rating1.0 out of 5 stars 2 reviews3.2 out of 5 stars 1325 reviews
Value for money2.9
6 more rows

What is top of range Oticon hearing aid? ›

Oticon says Xceed is the world's most powerful hearing aid, with 146 dB SPL and 87 dB full-on-gain. Powered by the Velox S platform, and featuring BrainHearing technology, it also provides the same extensive connectivity options provided by the Opn S family.

What is the life expectancy of Oticon hearing aid? ›

In-the-ear hearing aids tend to last up to five years, while behind-the-ear hearing aids typically last five to six years.

What is the newest version of Oticon? ›

Copenhagen, Denmark, 9th February, 2023 –Oticon is pleased to introduce Oticon Real™. The next milestone on the BrainHearing™ journey, Oticon Real builds on Oticon More™ and Oticon's strong premium legacy to give users comfortable access to all relevant sounds, in balance, and with exceptional detail and clarity.

What is the maximum price of hearing aid? ›

12,000 to Rs. 2,50,000 depending on the type of device and the brand.

Which type of hearing aid is the most expensive? ›

Invisible-in-canal (IIC)

IIC aids are among the most expensive hearing aid types because they are even smaller and more discreet than CIC aids. IIC devices fit inside your ear canal and are the most discreet option available.

Which is better Oticon or Signia? ›

Artificial Intelligence for Oticon vs Signia hearing aids shows Signia is the clear winner with its OVP technology. Own Voice Processing (OVP) gives the wearer a normal sounding quality to their 'own voice'. The user's voice is processed separately from other speech sounds being received by the hearing aid.

How long does an Oticon battery last? ›

The batteries in your hearing aids will typically last three to 10 days, depending on usage, which means how much you use them for streaming music, television and other features. You'll hear a sound when the battery is running low, so you'll know it's time to replace the batteries.

Can you shower with Oticon hearing aid? ›

Your hearing aids are water-resistant, which means they are designed to be worn in all daily life situations. So you don't have to worry about sweat or getting wet in the rain. However, do not wear your hearing aids while showering or participating in water activities.

Is Oticon coming out with a new hearing aid in 2023? ›

Oticon Real Hearing Aids - Oticon's 2023 hearing aid launch

Along with developments in their general technology, we saw in More, like the MoreSound Amplifier and MoreSound Intelligence (all now 2.0) - everything is now powered by a new and powerful processing chip - the Polaris R.

Can you listen to music with Oticon hearing aid? ›

Listen to music

Oticon Real™, Oticon More™, Oticon Own™*, Oticon Play Px and Oticon Zircon can also stream directly with ASHA compatible Android™ devices. Our other Bluetooth® compatible hearing aids can stream music to your hearing aids from an Android™ phone or other audio players via ConnectClip.

Is Oticon FDA approved? ›

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has granted premarket approval (PMA) to the Oticon Medical's Neuro System to treat individuals 18 years or older, with bilateral severe-to-profound sensorineural hearing loss, who obtain limited benefit from appropriately fitted hearing aid(s).

What are the technology levels of Oticon? ›

Oticon More is available in 3 technology levels: More 3, More 2 and More 1 being the top of the range model.

Is Oticon a hearing aid or amplifier? ›

Oticon Own in-the-ear hearing aids offer discreetness, superior sound quality and optimal comfort- customized entirely for you. Oticon More offers superior sound quality, multiple styles, features, and charger options to help you get more out of life. Open up your world with the world's most powerful hearing aid.

Can you negotiate hearing aid prices? ›

It's also possible to negotiate. Audiologists are sometimes willing to unbundle their services so you don't have to pay for extra services that you to don't need. One survey found that nearly half of hearing aid shoppers who tried to negotiate a lower price were successful.

Which hearing aid is best for old age? ›

Here are some of the best hearing aids according to the National Council on Aging (NCOA): Editor's Pick: Jabra Enhance (formerly Lively) Best Invisible Fit: Eargo. Best Budget-Friendly Bluetooth: Audicus.

Which hearing aid has the best speech clarity? ›

Speech recognition in a noisy environment is the battlefield for hearing aid manufacturers. In 2022 and 2023 they all brought up their A-game, but still, Oticon BrainHearing seems to be the one standing out. This article explains the features of Oticon hearing aids, the BrainHearing technology.

Which hearing aid is better behind the ear or in the ear? ›

Owing to their discreteness, in-canal hearing aids might seem like the right choice, but behind the ear hearing aids offer a wider range of hearing amplification, are usually more flexible, and offer many more choices to hear better in noise, connect to your smartphone, or stream the sound from your television directly ...

What is the easiest hearing aid to fit? ›

BTE hearing aids are one of the easiest types to use and are suitable for most people with hearing loss. They're available in a range of colours. Receiver in the ear (RITE) hearing aids are similar to BTE hearing aids.

What is the basic price of Signia hearing aid? ›

Signia prescription hearing aids treat mild to profound hearing loss in several different styles and cost $1,540–$5,945 per pair. Several models offer treatment options for one-sided hearing loss and tinnitus. You must receive a professional evaluation at a hearing care clinic to purchase Signia hearing aids.

Is Oticon more good for severe hearing loss? ›

Launched in 2021 by the Oticon brand, Oticon More hearing aids aim to deliver more sound to the brain to help improve speech understanding and sense of sound. These hearing aids are appropriate for people with mild-to-severe hearing loss and come in four style choices with two charging options.

Who is the biggest hearing aid manufacturer? ›

Who are the biggest hearing aid manufacturers by volume? According to Hearing Health Matters, the “Big Six” hearing aid manufacturers own 98% of the market share. In order of percentage, they include Sonova/Phonak, William Demant/Oticon, Siemens/Signia, ReSound, Starkey, and Widex.

Should I turn my hearing aid off at night? ›

Using your hearing aid at night time will eat through your batteries much quicker and this is why it is important that when you take your hearing aids out at night that you open your hearing aid battery draw to reduce accidental battery consumption when you are not wearing them.

Should you leave hearing aid charger plugged in all the time? ›

Always put your hearing aids in the charging station when not in use—even if they have not been fully drained. Constant charging will not drain the battery or shorten the battery life. In fact, the opposite is true. Don't store your hearing aids in an unplugged charging station.

Should you wear a hearing aid all day? ›

It is recommended to wear hearing aids all of the time; except when you are sleeping, showering, having your hair done, swimming or when in a dangerously loud environment. Be patient and give your brain a chance to adapt to all of the wonderful new sounds of life! Learn how TruHearing can help with your hearing health.

Why replace hearing aid domes? ›

Never use old domes on new hearing aids. They're not always compatible and can become stuck in someone's ear canal if they don't stay attached to the receiver. Also, domes are susceptible to damage from earwax or moisture in the ear. Lastly, their small size can be problematic for those with dexterity issues.

Is Oticon app free? ›

User may download for FREE from iOS or Android app store! Info for Apple Watch users: Apple Watch supports volume and program changes.

Why does my new Oticon hearing aid whistle? ›

This is perfectly normal because the hearing aids are reacting to the sound bouncing back from your surroundings. Hearing aid feedback could also be a sign that something could be wrong with your hearing aids, or they need to be cleaned. In that case it's best to consult your hearing care professional.

Can I listen to my TV through my hearing aid? ›

Some hearing aids can be connected via Bluetooth technology to the TV directly. Your hearing aids can tap into the television sound system and send the audio to your hearing aids. The hearing aids work like wireless headphones; the entire output will be streamed directly to your hearing aids.

Can hear my own voice with my hearing aid? ›

This phenomenon is called autophonia. This feeling can be explained by the presence of a foreign body in the external auditory canal: a hearing aid or ear mould (in the case of a behind-the-ear hearing aid) that blocks some of the vibrations of the voice.

Does Oticon have a microphone? ›

wireless hearing aid accessory

Make hands-free phone calls and stream music from your smartphone, whether iPhone® or Android™. Listen to someone speaking from a distance using the remote microphone functionality.

Can I buy Oticon more online? ›

Prices for for Oticon hearing aid accessories & supplies are listed below. Oticon strictly prohibits online sales of their products.

How much is a normal hearing aid? ›

In the U.S., they can range from about $1,000 to more than $6,000, but the average cost is close to $2,500 . Companies often sell hearing aids as part of a bundle that can include: the hearing aid. any necessary hearing tests.


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